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How to Care For Your Newbury Shoes

Follow the following four steps to maintain your Newbury Sneakers:

1. Remove the laces from the leather sneakers
Laces can prevent you from evenly spreading conditions across the shoe. Gently pull them out from the eyelets one by one until you’ve separated them from the shoes.

2. Dry out excess water
Apply old news and stuff it into the interior to soak up all excess water for one hour. Remember, do not tempt to dry your leather sneaker with a blow-dryer or near a heat source.

3. Scrub dirt off from the leather sneakers
Use a large hard-bristled brush to scrub the dirt off. Scrub gently to avoid damaging the fabric.

4. Condition the leather sneakers
Apply the conditioner with a clean, dry cotton rag, and be sure to apply it to every part of the leather sneakers. Once completed, let the leather sneakers sit overnight to soak the conditioner. The next morning, gently wipe off excess conditioner.

You can also apply the same method above to our other leather products, including our bags, briefcases, wallets, and belts.


We offer select repairs through our in-house cobbler. Please contact us via for assistance.